Principles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation  ENTR.3000   2017 Fall Syllabus         2017 Fall Schedule       2018 Spring Syllabus (Online)

    - Jack M Wilson, Ph.D.,  President Emeritus and Distinguished Professor of Higher Education, Emerging Technologies and Innovation

Jack M. Wilson
Jack M. Wilson, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Higher Education
Emerging Technologies, and Innovation
Pulichino-Tong 220C
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Fall 2017 Course Times: Mon.&Wed. 2:00-3:15 pm Location: Pulichino-Tong Bldg 160  Office Hours:  Mon.&Wed. 12:00-2:00
Spring 2018 Course Times
: Online with weekly assignments.  Option online live chat each Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm from January 24 to April 4 (except during spring break)


Course Description-Catalog: Catalog: ENTR.3000 Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Formerly ENTR/64.3000)   This course is designed to help non-business students understand the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in today’s global economy and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among students in the Manning School of Business entrepreneurship concentration. It will cover different forms of entrepreneurship such as small businesses, growth ventures, corporate entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. The course will focus on the types of innovation, turning innovation into an ongoing new venture and on the entrepreneurial process. Innovation and entrepreneurship theories and concepts will be discussed with real life examples and cases.   Pre-requisite: Sophomore level or higher.


Course Overview: After successful completion of this course, students will:

  • Understand and articulate the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship on community and economic development;

  •  Develop an awareness and understanding of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process;

  • Know the three models of entrepreneurial development: Causal, Effectual, and Lean Launchpad

  • Integrate entrepreneurial thinking and problem-solving into their academic and professional aspirations;

  • Articulate the different pathways to entrepreneurship including lifestyle businesses, high-tech/high growth entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

Required text: "Startup Opportunities" by Sean Wise and Brad Feld.  Materials may be also found online at:
or: 2018-online.pdf

Principles of Entrepreneurship

Technological Entrepreneurship

Global Entrepreneurship

Starting a New Venture

Resources for Entrepreneurship

Business Case Collection

Glossary of Terms

Unicorns 2017
Business Model Canvas Template

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to the Course

  2. Ch1. What is a startup

  3. Meet the Entrepreneurs 

  4. Ch. 2. Democratization of startups

  5. Why Entrepreneurship Matters

  6. ILinc-Tech. Entrepreneurship

  7. Ch. 3 Opportunity Recognition

  8. Ch. 4.  Approaches to Opportunity Recognition

  9. Introduction to Business Models

  10. The Lean Launchpad and Business Model Canvas

  11. Ch. 5.  People and Teams

  12. Ch. 6. Pain and Needs-Pains-Solutions

  13. Ch. 7 Product and New Product Development

  14. Entrepreneurship is Global

  15. Ch 8. Market and Marketing

  16. Ch 9. Planning  -The Lean Launchpad and Business Model Canvas (again!)

  17. Ch. 10.  Pitch and Causal Business Planning

  18. Ch. 11. Raising Money

  19. Financing and Funding the Venture

  20. Ch. 12. Pitfalls

  21. How to Fail at Entrepreneurship



   Beyond Entrepreneurship 
     -How Innovation and Entrepreneurial Behavior
       Changes the World
           - Jack M. Wilson

  1. Meet the Entrepreneurs
  2. Why Entrepreneurship Matters
  3. ILinc-Tech. Entrepreneurship
  4. Recognizing Opportunities to Change the World
  5. Social Entrepreneurship
  6. Business Models -How to Organize Your Idea
  7. The Lean Launchpad and Business Model Canvas
  8. Building Your Team
  9. Needs, Pains, and Solutions
  10. Developing Your Product or Service
  11. Entrepreneurship and Innovation are Global
  12. Marketing -How to Connect to Your Customer
  13. The Traditional Business Plan and Elevator Pitch
  14. Finding the Financing for Your Venture
  15. Pulling it All Together

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