Case:  Legal and Ethical Issues

by Jack M. Wilson, Distinguished Professor

Music Just wants to be free!!



Wired Magazine: 


Why did Napster appear to ignore the various legal challenges?

If they saw these challenges, why do you think they chose to plunge ahead?

Could they have found solutions to these challenges?  If so, what approach might they have used?

Can you construct an ethical argument that might argue that Napster was an ethical approach to business?  I f so, then how might one do that.?

How would the record labels and artists have benefited if they chose to collaborate with Napster, instead of taking legal action?

The Wired article was written in 2002.  How well did they anticipate the future of digital music?

Looking back, how has Napster contributed to the existing delivery of  digital music?

 How did existing companies adapt to the ethical and legal issues raised by digital distribution.